Age of Ultron #6


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Brandon Peterson (present) & Carlos Pacheco (past)

This is by far the most interesting and exciting issue of Age of Ultron so far. In this issue things actually happen, we see what an Ultron future looks like, we see what Wolverine does and more. After last weeks mediocre issue I was a little apprehensive about this issue. This only made me enjoy it more. Bendis really excels in this issue, the writing is spot on. If it was wordy, I didn’t notice. If it was poorly written, quite frankly I don’t care, things were happening. There was a serious lack of standing around and talking in this issue, a welcome change. I really like the direction this book is taking now, what I was hoping would happen did, which is always nice. This issue has not only kept me interested but increased my interest. How is this going to end?

I don’t have a great deal to say about the artwork in this issue other than: I liked it. I really love the change of artist from present to past, a lovely, but subtle touch. Both artists do a great job on their respective parts of the comic. The styles look natural next to each other and it just works. I have to say, Hitch wasn’t missed too much in this issue even though I have really liked his work on the book so far.

Possibly the best issue of Age of Ultron so far, it’s not without it’s flaws though.


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One thought on “Age of Ultron #6

  1. Great issue. I especially love Sue and Hank in it. It’s cool seeing where Hank got the idea for Ultron. And Sue’s conflict over whether to cross the line was really well-done. Also, the fight in the future was brutal. Gave a real sense of hopelessness.

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