Review: The Magician

5D - The Magician (Preview)-1

Writer: David M. Brown
Artist: D.N.S.
Letters: Philip Nolte

Earlier today, while on my break from selling tickets, I received an email from the writer of this book and co-founder of Fifth Dimension Comics, David Brown. Attached to the email was this comic. The Magician is a short six-page comic that I believe is planned to be part of a larger anthology collection. Fifth Dimension Comics will be launching a Kickstarter project in September sometime for this anthology.

Eugene Roberts is the titular Magician whose big trick is making people’s problems disappear. This short story follows Eugene on what, for him, is an average day. I don’t want to say too much about the story as it would take away from the reading experience, I feel. However, I will say: The Magician is a dark, haunting tale and well worth a read.

While there’s not a great deal of dialogue or even monologue over these six compelling pages there is, evidently, a great deal of narrative. Brown clearly understands that this is an instance where less really is more. He has you wondering if The Magician is good or bad. In just six pages Brown has created and developed a complex character, that’s pretty impressive really. Sometimes, short comics can feel rushed or you can feel unfulfilled after reading them. This wasn’t the case with The Magician, it did, however, leave me wanting more of this character.

The artwork in this comic set’s the tone wonderful. It’s dark and moody but subtly beautiful. I know that “art” is often seen as something that expresses emotion and is best achieved by “creative types”, but behind this artwork I can see a calculating mind, someone extremely intelligent. Everything that is done is done for good reason and that only aids the invoking of emotion from the reader. D.N.S. has shown me some of the best artwork I have seen in an independent comic book.

I really enjoyed reading The Magician, no matter how short of an experience it was, and I certainly look forward to the upcoming anthology from these guys. Watch out for a Q&A from the creators of The Magician here in the next few days and in the meantime check out the Fifth Dimension Comics website.

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